Relational Life Therapy Training

Distinguished therapist and bestselling author, Terry Real, has developed an educational series for therapists and other helping professionals. The RLI training program introduces professionals to the theoretical concepts of the Relational Life Model™ and teaches competency in the clinical practice of Terry’s Relational Life Therapy™ or RLT.

Graduates of our RLT Certification Program will be featured as referral sources on our website, thereby allowing visitors to our website to find RLT therapists in their own area. This serves as a wonderful marketing tool for therapists as well as a networking resource for one another. For a complete list of the training requirements, click on the link directly below

Download RLT Training Curriculum HERE!

RLT Research Study

Researcher Dr. Suzanne Zook-Johnston completed the first Relational Life Therapy outcome study in early 2017. This outcome study was designed as a quantitative study that took place over 3-time intervals and measured change in intimacy based on 3 variables (satisfaction, conflict resolution, and communication) as perceived by individuals from an RLT Couple Experiential Treatment group and a Control group.

The final results (although not statistically significant due to a small sample size) showed positive movement in the RLT Couple Experiential Treatment group away from the Control group in communication (the most critical of the 3 variables, representing high levels of intimacy and closeness in couple relationships). The other 2 variables demonstrated similar parallel patterns.

For more information regarding this research study contact Dr. Suzanne Zook-Johnston at


The Foundations of Relational Life Therapy is a six CD Teleclass Course for professionals wanting to learn the basic theoretical framework of Relational Life Therapy™ as taught by Terry Real. The set contains six one-hour classes, each on a separate compact disc and featuring a different topic. This course is a prerequisite for the Practicum Training courses and the Teleclass Series with Terry.

This Online Introductory Training is for the clinician who is either brand new to the Relational Life Therapy (RLT) model; or has some RLT skills and wants to deepen their understanding of the model. The objective is for participants to gain an intermediate level of competency in the clinical practice of Relational Life Therapy. All participants will observe and then practice the essential techniques learned. This course is taught by Terry Real via recorded classes and with five LIVE Question/Answer sessions.

Registration is now open for June 2020 course


Enjoy our new ONLINE Home Study version of our Level 1 Training Course taught by Terry Real. You will be able to begin the RLT training program and study at the comforts of your own home and office.  Levels 2 & 3 courses will remain IN-PERSON with Terry Real.

*Prior to attending the Level 1 Training, it is strongly recommended that students complete the “Foundations for Therapists CD Course” (available for purchase at

This training is the first component of an approximately 2 year RLl therapy certification process. 12 ceu’s for therapists may be purchased for $40 at the completion of the course.


This 2-day Advanced Level 2 Training is for the experienced clinician who understands the basic theoretical framework and principals of the Relational Life Model. The objective is for participants to gain full competency in the clinical practice of Relational Life Therapy, and is designed to provide more in-depth coverage of the therapeutic skills needed for effective practice. This training will be taught by Terry Real. NEW: Take Level 1 Training Online by clicking here.


  • At this time, all in person trainings are ON HOLD until we feel it safe to gather in large groups again. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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This is an advanced training for RLT clinicians who have completed our Level 1 and Level 2 trainings. In this 2-day course, Terry will guide participants through a combination of lecture, video, presentation, discussion, role plays, large group work, and small group exercises, in order to ground theory in practice.


Participants will learn:
• Ways to increase your skill in working with family of origin issues
• Integrating Attachment Theory into RLT
• To identify and work on your “edges” as an RLT therapist



At this time, all in person trainings are ON HOLD until we feel it safe to gather in large groups again. HOWEVER, you may purchase the ONLINE recorded version of Terry’s last Level 3 from March 2020 by clicking the button below.   Unfortunately we are not able to offer CEUs for this online version, however the course will count toward your RLT Certification.

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The Masters Class

The Master Class** with Terry Real will be a retreat for helping professionals who have completed their professional training curriculum with RLI and are interested in moving to a level of mastery in this work. To be held at Terry’s home on Martha’s Vineyard, the retreat will be focused on providing this very experienced group with a self-electing “open space” agenda where topics and discussion are determined by group needs and desired focus.
Recommendations for accommodations will be provided by RLI. Space is limited to 11 Participants only (and fills quickly!!).

**Participants are required to complete prior to attending: Foundations CD Set, The
Relational Life Practicums 1 and 2, and begin or complete one year of Coaching from an RLI Coach or a Case Seminar Group with Terry Real. Completing Level 3 training is suggested.

• This Training is currently not offered at this time

LOCATION: Terry’s home on Martha’s Vineyard, MA

RLT Coaching Groups

RLT Coaching Groups & Terry’s Real Life Membership – There are currently two offerings to reach certification:

RLT Coaching: Groups (with RLT coaches)

The RLT coaching groups are for those clinicians who are interested in taking a deeper dive into the RLT model. These ongoing groups consist of a small relational community of 2-5 mental health professionals meeting by phone 2-3 times per month and working towards mastery of Relational Life Therapy. Participants are able to design their own coaching program, including the option of individual coaching as needed. Because the coaching groups are smaller, they allow for more individualized attention, giving the opportunity to address case issues each call. In coaching, participants have the opportunity to practice each phase of the model (data gathering, leverage, reconnecting, skills and family of origin trauma work). Participants learn through education, role plays and working specific edges.

Coaching fees begin at $100 per month and 24 hours of coaching is needed to meet certification requirements.

The Relational Life Mastery and Coaching Program

An added note from Terry Real: “24 hours of RLT coaching or Real LIfe Community will satisfy that part of the accreditation requirement. Students may take either. While more expensive, coaching groups offer small, hands-on practice, role-play, and more opportunities to talk about more cases. I highly recommend coaching groups for those wanting to immerse themselves in RLT training.”

For those who are interested in participating in the smaller coaching groups or would like more information regarding coaching, please contact Amy Warren at 941-957-3366 or to get placed in a group.

About Terry Real

Terry Real is an internationally recognized Family Therapist, Speaker and Author. Terry founded the Relational Life Institute (RLI), offering workshops for couples, individuals and parents around the country along with a professional training program for clinicians wanting to learn his RLT (Relational Life Therapy) methodology. A family therapist and teacher . . . more

Staying In Love

A workshop by Terry Real. Guide for Couples and Individuals in the 21st Century.

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“After 25 years of working as a Psychotherapist and Marriage Counselor I was ready to “hang it all up.” I was more than burnt out. Now, 6 months later, I am reinvested in my work and enjoying it in a brand new way. Renewed energy and enthusiasm for my work has replaced the negativity I was experiencing.  Thanks so much RLT!”
Roseanna Zoubek, LCSW

West Orange, NJ

“The RLI training program empowered me to tackle the toughest marital situations with enthusiasm and a kind heart. Word got around quickly and my couples referrals have multiplied, as has my pleasure doing the work.”
Dr. J.T.

Great Barrington, MA

“After practicing RLT therapy for two years I am receiving numerous referrals for couples work from other therapists.  I have withdrawn from all insurance panels and my income is up!”

Madison, CT

“Before learning Terry Real’s model I would work with couples to problem solve their dilemmas of the day.  I always had misgivings about the long-term potential of my work because although I was aware I was working mostly on the content level with my clients, I did not know how to move in deeper to address with them their relational processes.  Now, having Terry’s model for teaching clients healthy relating, I have guidelines to help them perform the modest miracle of personal transformation on a permanent process level, no matter what the content.  It’s really tremendous to be instrumental in people achieving that.”