Couples of all ages yearn for passion, ease, intimacy, and security.

With that longing in common, why do things so often go wrong in relationship?

And by what “magic” do some relationships stay strong, resilient, and loving through all the storms of life?

What if it takes more than good intentions, longing, and effort to make it work?

What if the “magic” turns out to be a set of nine core skills that can be taught…and put into practice by any couple?

I have worked with thousands of couples, many with relationships at the brink of falling apart. They spend considerable time and money to fly in for a one- or two-day intensive with me. We all understand that this is high-stakes: either we will restore the relationship to health, or it will end in divorce.

And my clients have demonstrated over and over again that these nine essential skills can be quickly mastered, and when put into practice can have an immediate and lasting effect on the marriage.

I’ve packed a lot into the Full Respect Living Toolkit eBook–all the most important insights. It’s pithy and effective.

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1. How to Practice Healthy Self-Esteem
Tools for maintaining a warm regard for one’s own integrity, free from shame or grandiosity

2. How to Have Healthy Boundaries
Tools for understanding how boundaries work and how to maintain healthy ones

3. How to keep your Relationship in the Circle of Health
This is the state in which both partners maintain healthy self-esteem and boundaries

4. The Basics of Relational Mindfulness
Tools for avoiding reaction “in the heat of the moment”

5. How to go After What You Want
Tools that help you dare to rock the boat and make requests in your relationship

6. How to Shift from Complaint to Request
The tools that help make this shift

7. How to Respond with Generosity
Tools for learning to be a generous, responsive, and mature listener

8. How to Practice Empowerment
Tools for empowering each other in the relationship

9. How to Cherish Each Other
Tools that help you demonstrate that you care for your partner

PLUS You’ll find a special addendum on
The Six Ways We Get Stuck:

Using Misery Stabilizers, Needing to be Right

Controlling Your Partner, Unbridled Self-Expression

Retaliation, Withdrawal

“I grew up in a middle-class family in New Jersey that had plenty of love and also major dysfunction. I had no role models for healthy relationships in my childhood. And when you have no healthy models, you tend to go on doing what you observed, no matter how much pain it brings. I have to work hard every day to be a good partner to my wife while also being good to myself. It has been the honor of my life to help clients learn the skills to do the same work in their own lives.There is no more valuable work you can do” –Terry Real