RLI Training Certification Program Details & Pricing

Distinguished therapist and bestselling author, Terry Real, has developed an educational series for therapists and other helping professionals. The RLI training program will introduce professionals to the theoretical concepts of Relational Life Therapy™ and teach competency in the clinical practice of Real’s Relational Life Model™.

General Requirements

You are welcome to complete any or all of these courses. In order to be posted as a referral source on our website, you need to complete all of the following— (NOTE: Courses displayed below show regular registration fee; option below for package pricing):

Attending The Relational Life Boot Camp/Essential Skills Workshop* 

Price: $595 (includes 12 CEUs)

Attending The Relational Life LEVEL 1 Training

Price: $550 (12 CEUs–$45 additional)

Attending The Relational Life LEVEL 2 Training

Price: $550 (12 CEUs–$45 additional)

Attending The Relational Life LEVEL 3 Training

Price: $550 (12 CEUs–$45 additional)

Observing Terry’s Couples Experiential Workshop 2 times

Price: $200 each (12 CEUs–$35 additional) = $400

Participating in a 4 or 6-session, Professional Teleclass Series with Terry Real

Price: $225 (CEUs not available for teleclasses)

PLUS Coaching/Supervision Requirements

Participation in either:

15 months of Case Seminar work with Terry Real

Groups meet once a month for 90 minutes. Cost is $55/month
CEUs are not available for Case Seminar work. 


22 hours of small group coaching from a Master Certified RLI coach

$155/month for three 50-minute sessions. Or design your own individual coaching plan by contacting Relational Life Mastery and Coaching program at relationallifecoaching@gmail.com 
CEU’s are not available for coaching.

Ongoing Requirements
To remain listed on the RLI Therapist Map (once training has been completed) 

RLI therapists who are listed on our website must engage in on-going “maintenance training” in order to stay active and in good standing. To do this, you will need to do any 1 of the following every two years (this is an ‘honor system’ program and we ask you to track your own status):

*Attend either Level 1, 2, or 3 training courses (these can be retaken)
*Attend Terry’s Masters Class *Observe Terry’s Couples Experiential Workshop as an Observer
*Take Terry’s Advanced Teleclass or any of his Teleclass Series for Therapists
*Attend Relationship Bootcamp/Skills Workshop
*Enroll in Terry’s Case Seminar group or an RLI Coaching program
*Attend any talk given by Terry wherever he is presenting

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