Psychodrama & Doubling – a technique which is particularly helpful in trauma work and one I use often with couples where I speak for the inner voice of what’s being said, and they get to correct it.

When you double for somebody while in a session, you have to stand behind them or beside them. With their permission, you can choose to place your hands on their shoulders. As they speak, you speak for their inner voice. The way this gets set up is that you have the couple enact, say, a fight between them and rehash an experience.
While partner B is yelling at partner A, because of whatever reason, you might ask to double with their permission obviously. Stand behind them, touch them on their shoulder or somewhere near, and say something like: “You know, I’m acting like I’m really angry, but underneath that I’m feeling quite helpless.” Or say, “I’m acting like I’m angry, but underneath that, I’m feeling quite betrayed, abandoned, and alone.” or something along those lines.
The beauty of doubling is, you don’t “have to be right.” In fact sometimes it’s more helpful to be wrong, because they incorporate what you say. It’s as if no one hears it but the client, the person you’re doubling for. They must either repeat it in their own words or change it in their own words, but they have to incorporate it in some way.
Doubling is a very powerful, and I find helpful technique we’ve used for years in RLT.