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How To Deal With A Partner Who Is Being A Jerk

How To Deal With A Partner Who Is Being A Jerk

“HOW TO DEAL WITH A PARTNER WHO IS BEING A JERK”: One of Terry’s 5 Essential Skills

How To Get What You Want

How To Get What You Want

“HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT”: One of Terry’s 5 Essential Skills

How To Apologize

How To Apologize

“HOW TO APOLOGIZE”: One of Terry’s 5 Essential Skills

How To Complain Constructively

How To Complain Constructively

“HOW TO COMPLAIN CONSTRUCTIVELY”:  One of Terry’s 5 Essential Skills    

How To Listen Effectively

“HOW TO LISTEN EFFECTIVELY“: One of Terry’s 5 Essential Skills    

Creating Safety vs. Talking Straight in Couples Work

  This video was previously only available from our online conference, State of the Art (Nov 2011). Use this link to sign up and receive a free link to the video between Terry and Sue Johnson.

Motivating the Reluctant Male Client

  Achieving Leverage with Resistant Men   Every couples therapist knows that men are often dragged kicking and screaming into therapy by their partners. But how do you work with a client who doesn’t want to be there in the Read More…

Terry Real – Empowering Women BOSTON Season 1

Terry Real joins the cast of Empowering Women Boston. Empowering Women Executive Producer/Creator: “Twinkle” Marie Manning Published on Mar 22, 2012 by TvForYourSoul

'7 Days of Sex': Can It Save a Marriage?

‘7 Days of Sex’: Can It Save a Marriage?

          Can the cure for the common marriage simply be to have more sex? Some couples whose marriages have grown stale, whether it’s from the kids, money woes or a laundry list of other reasons, are Read More…

‘Mama’s Boys’ For Life

Grown men who refuse to leave Mom. When she cooks and cleans, who needs a wife? [Watch video] 04/07/2012 | ABC NEWS

Terry Real M.S.W. talks about self esteem and depression

Dr. Terry Real, in an interview for “Changing Our Minds”, a documentary on depression, talks about self esteem, self worth, and depression; how symptoms and treatments may differ between men and women; psychological treatment to heal depression. Purchase the complete Read More…

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Terry Real discusses The New Rules of Marriage

Author Terrence Real discusses why married people are now in the minority and how you can avoid joining them in THE NEW RULES OF MARRIAGE. Discover how you can make your marriage last in a world where all the rules Read More…

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LIFE (PART 2) | Boomer Marriage | PBS

It seems that Boomers have changed the traditional vows of “for better or worse” to “for better, and better.” Therapist Terrence Real (The New Rules of Marriage: What You Need to Know to Make Love Work) discusses how baby boomers Read More…

Oprah on “How Can I Get Through to You?”

Terry Real appears on the Oprah Winfrey Show giving advice on relationships.