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» LOVE & TRAUMA: Using Family of Origin to Transform Relationship

Experiencing heroic moments of sacred healing


11903953_1168057033221497_8226928022974400681_nIt is inevitable in our long-term relationships that we unconsciously wound and re-traumatize each other. In my upcoming training I’ll address the ways couples re-enact their dramas, allowing old injuries to play themselves out in present love relationships.

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Nothing brings our wounds alive like a long-term relationship. Intimacy is like a great spring storm that brings all the muck at the bottom of the lake to the churning surface: in touching oxygen and sunlight, it’s possible for it to be cleaned and healed.

And we therapists have the honor of being party to this process: we ride the winds and currents of the storm, and  help our clients follow its wending path toward healing. 

These are the heroic, stirring moments when we clinicians participate in the sacred healing that happens when our clients bring love to trauma, compassion to the wounded parts in themselves and in each other.

The real question to ask is “How can we bring more love to trauma?” 

And maybe more importantly, “Once we can work with the trauma and start the healing process, how can we get our clients to love themselves and fully open to and accept the love of others?”

These are the important questions we will be diving into in the upcoming training. Join me here: 

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In my next posting I will share with you a client story of working with love and trauma.