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Can We Strive For ‘Fierce’ Intimacy?

As therapists, we all hit topics that are uncomfortable for our clients…with sex, intimacy and power ranking high on the list.

The truth is that most couples are not comfortable talking vulnerably and honestly about their secret longings, gnawing issues, yearnings  and fears. It’s often hard in therapy to access and hold that deep place of radical honesty and undefendedness.

couple-861738_640“Intimacy is scary. Relationships can break us and they also have the power to remake us.”

In the upcoming class, Esther Perel asks about your relationship “is it a place where you go to heal wounds or is it a place where wounds go to take refuge?”

Daring to confront, daring to be open as therapists, we invite our couples to do the same with one another.

It is here where we see how one person exerts control over the other.
It is here where we see people’s sense of worthiness and lovability…or not.
It is here where we see how open a person is to giving and receiving and whether or not these are balanced in their relationship.

As the hidden steps into daylight, resentments can be let go of. Dormant aspects of the relationship are revived, and orphaned parts of ourselves are reclaimed.

Very shortly Esther and I will be offering a course titled: The Power of Intimacy a spirited dialogue about Sex, Power and Love.

We will be moving through these three core issues giving you practical case studies, nuts and bolts clinical technique, and a format for challenging your own assumptions as we invite our clients to challenge theirs.

Stay tuned, until then…